Sunday, August 14, 2011

State of Emerge-ncy

I have long since stopped (or at least attempted to avoid) using certain terms. Postmodernism, postmodernity, pomo, Emergent, the Emergent Church, etc.

To me, I see religion in general as having entered a particular (and dangerous) stage. We no longer live in a world where the religionist can enjoy the luxury of isolation. Cultures have little choice but to meet one another and either embrace or clash. I see this spiritual conflicts as  "A State of Emerge-ncy" .

But I wonder if it could very well be some sort of veiled Discordianism. (Although I'm not sure using the word "veiled" is necessary or not. After all, how difficult is it to successfully identify a real Discordian?! Irreligious yet spiritual? And let's not forget, Atheism is itself a Belief-System too).

What I am really curious about, more specifically, isn't whether spiritual postmodernism is or isn't Discordian, but rather whether I am or am not. (Or whether you are or are not). I think I'd have to admit some of my methodologies are. But what's at the core beneath it?

And let's not allow subterfuge to misguide us here. I am not going in a direction that Discordianism is the blight of all things spiritual and, therefore, must absolutely be stopped.
No, not at all.

Could holding a belief in a "parody religion" - a deliberate mock or faux religion - be a postmodern approach to religion? More importantly, could this "joke methodology" exercise actually be part of a legitimate path to "enlightenment"?

(And on a completely aside note, I wonder if a parody could be our modern (Sorry! Our postmodern) equivalent to a parable?)

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