Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Glimmer of Hope

I have always believed people are inherently good, not corrupt; not fallen.
But when we see statistics that suggest number like 12% of all internet website are porn, or 25% of all searches are for porn, or 35% of all downloads are pornographic, it would seem to suggest otherwise. (However, these numbers are extremely difficult to accurately nail down. Not to mention that we are assuming that this desire or need for porn is a sign of not being inherently good or fallen, which it does not).

However, I have recently found othewise.
I have inadvertently done a sort of survey.
In December of 2011 I posted XXXmas: Porn for The Soul on this blog site.
I had thought that it would have been bombarded with hits, considering the term XXX and the word porn were in its title.

Overall, it has received slightly over 1 ½ % of my blogsite's traffic.

Incidentally, in May, I had posted Dharma-Ocean.
Since it has received over 28 % of my entire blog's traffic, most specifically with the word ocean.

Needless to say I was surprised, but happily so.

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