Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unfettered Through Demise

If, when, or once a Christian follows the idea; the concept; the path of Repairing the TornVeil, where will it lead them?

Is this a jumping point to a Mu Portal? I believe it is; it has to be, because the most common type of Christianity today (Churchianity) is, by its very nature, entrapping. The most common 'brand' of Christianity today (well intended or not) is some form or variation of having had attempted to repair the torn veil. It is reestablishing a system that Yeshua broke – and more importantly – left broken.

From what I've seen, experienced and witnessed, all churches are delivery systems. 
They are supposed to deliver you to God - and many legitimately intend to - but they all ultimately have small print at the bottom of the contract. They all - in some form or another - have themselves and their own interests, as part of the deal. They will all delivery you into their church as well.

I don't think a church's job is to deliver you to God; maybe to Solace or Compassion... but not God. It suggests that God can't be found outside a church, or that any alien encounter with the divine outside of church is in need of proper interpretation. 

In my personal experiences with God, the vast majority and by far and away most powerful encounters, have been anywhere but associated with a church. They have always been in the wild (figuratively). They have been raw, untamed, and unorthodox. They have always been impossible to conveniently fit into a box or neat category. If anything, they defy categorization.

I think - at some point - Christians and Christianity, need to realize and admit and embrace the facts of the Torn Veil. Christianity needs to abandon its obsession with membership and attendance. It needs to abandon its ambitions of Empire. It needs to give up its addiction of the ancient and obsolete tithing system. It needs to understand any system resembling a Leviticus one is long since done.  If anything at all, possibly a Melchizedekian one. (Whatever that looks like, if anything).
Yeshua broke religion as a system itself.
He attempted to free us from the fetters of religion. He failed so far. Sadly, in their ignorance, most Christians follow a God who failed... and his failure is on them.

Christianity is one of the few world religions that is pregnant with potential. It has a potential that few or no other religions do.

It has the potential to realize its full fruition and evolve past religiosity. To my limited knowledge, no other religion contains within itself that seed.

But it's only a potential at this moment in history. It necessitates a drastic paradigm shift. To those few within this confined entrapment that may see, will only see it as a potential for self-destruction. They will put their energy towards hiding or preventing this paradigm shift, hoping to arrest what they perceive as their only hope for emancipation.

Christianity's only hope and salvation lies in its abandonment and demise. It can lead the way. It can set the example. How ironic that teaching comes directly from its founder.

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