Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Don't Know Where My Mind's At

Most modern science/medicine tend to see the human brain as a sort of wet computer (possibly a super-computer). Many features of the brain remain a mystery, or at least as of yet unsolved. One such aspect is that of consciousness, sentience, or the mind. "Where" is the mind housed in the brain? What physical aspects of the brain control the mind? Does the brain produce a mind?

However, there is another theory growing in popularity out there.
Although certain aspects of the brain do indeed function like a computer, the brain itself does not house the mind. In this aspect, the brain is less like a computer and more like a radio, or possibly an antenna. It "tunes in" to the frequency that is the mind.

The implications are far reaching. This theory would necessitate that our minds are somewhere 'out there'; or at least outside our bodies. It also means that the mind may function like (or actually be) a wave.

We could run wild with this theory.
Could a different brain tune in to the frequency of another mind? Could this be telepathy? Could it explain those moments of deja vu?

Could the mind be like a vibrating guitar string through time, our brain tuning into the frequency of its vibration? If so, wouldn't what we perceive as our self (our mind, our ego) actually only be an echo of the true mind?

Or is it possible that there is only one true mind and all of our billions of brains tune in and produce various interpretations of it? We're all different reflections of the same original source; and wouldn't that make us all - somehow - interconnected?

What happens when our bodies (our brains) die, especially if the mind is not housed there?

What are we truly?
Our physical bodies/brains, or the external mind?
Are we only an expression of this mind we're tuning into? be continued on "Our Antenna-brain and the Source-Mind"...

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