Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our Antenna-brain & the Source-Mind

Continued from I Don't Know Where My Mind's At...

[For the time being we're going to assume and explore the potentials of the possibility of our minds not being housed within our brains. We are also going to assume that the human brain functions mostly like a radio or an antenna, tuning into a frequency that is our (external) mind.]

Firstly, if the mind is external, like a guitar string vibrating down the corridor of time (an expression that might be more accurate that I originally thought), our Antenna-brains are tuning into its vibrations but not the original "guitar-string" itself; not the originating Source-Mind, but its waves.

This distinction is important. The vibrations, or waves or frequency would have to permeate everything, everywhere (near omnipresent) for ourselves and our minds to function (which they normally do). However, the Source-Mind itself does not need to permeate everything everywhere.

I think I had inadvertently described it very well: "A guitar string vibrating down the corridor of time".

It would indeed be a corridor of sorts in the sense that it would be bound by 'walls', or barriers.

Something that divides and separates it from us - or more specifically - our reality. A different reality or dimension. (I'd like to call it 'branes' (as in membranes) but it'll cause far too much confusion between 'branes' and 'brains').  Possibly Planes of Existence. 

The details matter little at this point. What matters is when the waves of vibrations coming off the Source-Mind come into 'contact' with these 'walls' the effect might be similar to ripples in a pond.

(Now remember, we're dealing with a time-space continuum. These 'ripples' would permeate the entire continuum which could produce a frequency that would inundate everything, everywhere).

There could be some interesting properties; particularly how our minds perceive and function in time.

On a timeline, to move forwards or (hypothetically) backwards is to move, or travel, forward or backwards in time. It's never been clear what a lateral move would be.

Could these vibrations actually be lateral movements in time?

If we look at these vibrations from the Source-Mind as ripples in a pond, and the brain as an antenna sensitive to their frequencies, then it would be possible to be aware of both future and past events.

The Source that the Antenna-brain of "yesterday" tunes into is from the future.
The Source that the Antenna-brain of "now" tunes into is current
The Source that the Antenna-brain of "tomorrow" tunes into is from the past.

On the assumption the external mind is true, it poses some interesting questions:

Could this explain premonitions, prophecies, deja-vu, synchronicity and similar phenomenon?
Could it explain (real) psychics and psychic-like abilities?
Could an echo, a vibration from a source-mind exist and be perceivable as a ghost?

Do we each have an Source-Mind or could there be only one Source-Mind with various and numerous Antenna-brains' expressions/interpretations?

(To be continued on "The Source-Mind: g0d's Atheistic Nature")

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