Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Symbiotic God?

This thought has been on my mind for quite some time now.

It really isn't a full blown idea or concept. Just a half-formed 'suspicion'...

...that God may be just as 'dependent' on us as we are on "Him".

...a sort of byproduct of humanity's existence... or, possibly the fruition of man's consciousness... No, not just an abstract concept we've imagined ... yes, transcendent but not subservient.

Not a parasitic God but a symbiotic one. We, the human species (and possibly all life beyond us) are just as interlinked and dependent on this entity.

...some sort of hybrid betwixt an anthropomorphic theistic deity and an amorphous non-theistic 'entity', potentially like the Tao.

Is this to suggest that we are all gods ourselves? Not in the sense that we are each individually gods, but possibly that the one singular God is all of us collectively.

I don't really like approaching this issue from this angle. I'd rather approach it like this; Imagine if humanity didn't exist – became extinct. So too would God. ... even this isn't really going where my mind's wandering, because it creates a conundrum. (What about the time of creation, before man existed? But what I'm approaching is a sort of 'created' God that becomes doesn't really create a conundrum, but rather a paradox).

We are (each other and God included) intrinsically and necessarily connected. There is no (absolutely no) separating man from God.

I can't personally see any other way it could be.
The idea of a God that is omnibenevolent, (is Love itself), omnipotent, and has 'person-hood' simply must be abandoned. God cannot be these three things simultaneously.