Saturday, April 16, 2016

Necropolis - First Reading

In Late September 2015, I had the opportunity to have a sneak preview of the as-of-then unfinished book by Michel Weatherall, Necropolis. Once again, I have had the lucky opportunity to read its first (as of yet unpublished) manuscript.

One thing struck me. There are powerful women characters in this book.
Not damsels in distress nor secondary background characters. Not pretty eye-candy (well, some are). These are powerful women facing nearly insurmountable challenges.

From Donita, the adventuring, gun toting heroine from the '30's to Veronica ( (from both previous books, The Symbiot and The Hunt: Symbiosys), s), to the main character, Tamara.

(Spoiler) Even the struggles with its antagonists, Amber Miller, and the 1930 Alia Moubayed only to mention a few. Even Tamara's dead mother - Marie Gibbons - plays an intricate role. The 1930's Donita takes on men in one-to-one combat and even Lovecraftian monsters! Veronica faces down a madman!(Spoiler ends)

Yes, there are men in this book's character list, but its main characters are predominantly women.
I am impressed and happily surprised!